Are you in Toledo, Ohio and are in need of extra cash? If so and you have electronics, musical instruments or jewelry, Toledo Gold Exchange may be able to help. Toledo Gold Exchange may be able to pawn or purchase items of value from you, but the first step is to stop on by our location on Woodville Road in Toledo so that we can start talking business! In the meantime, before you come in with your personal property, it’s important to know the difference between pawning and selling.


When pawning a piece of personal property, the property is used as collateral to secure the amount of money being lent out. The pawn shop will take possession of the property until the loan is repaid by the customer in the agreed upon period of time.


Selling personal property is a transaction between the customer and the business in which the business agrees to buy the property for a price that is agreed upon between the two parties. Selling is different from pawning in the sense that the money being paid to the customer is not a loan and the business becomes the new owner of the property.

Not sure which option is best for you? Simply stop by our location on Woodville Road and one of our professional employees will be ready to assist you. Toledo Gold Exchange pawns and buys musical instruments, jewelry and electronics from customers in the Toledo area. For more information or if you have any questions, call 419-720-1999 for assistance.