Do you have old, unwanted or broken jewelry lying around your house? Most people do, but they may not realize that their old or unwanted jewelry that’s taking up space may actually be worth money. If you have jewelry that you don’t want anymore, there’s no sense in just letting it sit there. Precious metal prices are at an all-time high and now is a great time to sell! When you sell your unwanted jewelry, you can get money to buy the things that you want and need, pay bills or even put it back for a rainy day. The professional staff at Toledo Gold Exchange, located in Toledo, Ohio will efficiently determine how much your jewelry is worth and make you an offer on the spot.

Need money now and you don’t have time to wait for a check to process through your bank? Not a problem! Toledo Gold Exchange will send you on your way with cash in hand if you decide to sell your jewelry to us. Don’t waste your time and lose money by selling your jewelry to Internet based companies who make money off of the quantity of gold, silver and platinum jewelry that they receive. Sell your jewelry to a local, trusted business where you know that you will be given a fair price and top notch service.

Not sure if Toledo Gold Exchange will buy the jewelry that you want to get rid of? If in doubt, feel free to give us a call or stop in at our location in Toledo. The best way to determine if your jewelry is worth anything is to have it inspected by one of our experienced staff members. For reference purposes, here are some of the types of jewelry that we buy from the public:

  • Precious metal jewelry, including silver, gold and platinum
  • Quality diamonds
  • Fine watches (Swiss movement and high end brands)

With Toledo Gold Exchange, don’t be worried about the condition that your gold, silver or platinum jewelry is in. We don’t care if it’s used, broken, out of style or has missing pieces! Simply bring in any unwanted precious metal jewelry and we’ll let you know what its worth in no time at all.

Visit us at our convenient location located on Woodville Road in Toledo, Ohio or give us a call at 419-720-1999.